About the Uppers organization

Modernism today means many things to many people. To those of us in the Uppers organization, it amounts to a striving for the best - in fashion, in music, in life - in everything. That's what we like, that's what we write about - and that's what you'll find on this site.

The Uppers empire incorporates three separate and independent strands:

The Uppers website:

The purpose of uppers.org is to provide a mod angle on the contemporary world, together with fresh perspectives on our cultural history. The website was founded in 1997 and is based on an ever-growing global network of friends and likeminded strangers. We aim to bring together an international array of editors and contributors under the banner of The Uppers Organization, all dedicated to the constant hunt for relevant uppers.org material.

Even though we are like-minded, we still have different opinions about a lot of things. The opinions expressed by our contributors are their own and are not necessarily shared by everyone belonging to the Uppers organization. The Uppers organization is a network of individuals, who have come together to express, listen to and respect each others views, whatever these views might be.

The City Guide on uppers.org is the best and most comprehensive companion for all modern globetrotters, and anyone interested in worldwide good times. Our Community section features a debate facility that is visited by mods from all over the globe, and makes the community stronger and stronger. Our Gallery section allows users the world over to peruse the fashion and design styles of the modern world, whilst gawking at strangers in various states of inebriation.

We do not, and will not cover everything in popular culture. Instead we focus on the things we think are interesting and worth spending time on. This is not cultural snobbery, but a desire that we should be the best in a smaller area instead of claiming to know a little bit about everything. Due to the interactivity of the Uppers website, we have now built up an international community consisting of people from different generations, nationalities, gender and race - all with one common starting point. Some call it "mod": a timeless combination of tastes and lifestyle choices, which have their roots in a youth culture that began in London over 40 years ago. In conclusion, let us consider this: any culture that has survived over forty years and still is very much alive, surely must have lots to offer to lots of different people?

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The Uppers club:

The mod/60's club Uppers started at a venue called Bo's Bar, at Stureplan in Stockholm, Sweden 1987. The popularity of the club has varied throughout the years, mostly due to the interest for our kind of culture, but has always enjoyed a large crowd of faithful visitors. Club Uppers resided in most of the venues of Stockholm city, satisfying thousands of visitors on the hunt for an alternative to more mainstream culture. Loads of new dj's and bands have over the years been introduced to the public, and the club's musical policy has always been liberal, ranging from 6T's & northern soul, jazz, r&b, ska, latin to acid jazz and easy listening. The club Uppers was unique when it started, and has since then inspired quite a few new and similar clubs. The Uppers club nights in Stockholm Sweden are done by Robert Baum, Starbouncer and Magnus Räms. Fredrik Ekander is responsible for international Uppers club nights, bringing a touch of Swedish class to dancefloors across the world.

The Uppers record label:

In the mid-90's Uppers became a record company as well. A record label with as diverse musical width as the club. Through the years Uppers Records has co-operated with other record companies, but these days our label is independent. Today Uppers Records is what you might call a boutique label, working with exclusively chosen artists, and mostly in limited editions. Thanks to the global network we have, Uppers can act as a splendid marketing tool for music that may, for different reasons, be ignored by the mainstream media. Among the exclusive releases Uppers has been behind so far you can find artists and bands like Ocean Colour Scene, Caesar's Palace, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Eskobar etc.. For more info about Uppers record label, click here to read an extensive article on the label http://www.uppers.org/showArticle.asp?article=64  Uppers Records are run by Fredrik Ekander.