Top 25 Mod Tunes

In an attempt to sum up the past century we asked our readers to vote for their three fave tunes

Here's the list we compiled from the hundreds of votes!

1. The Who My Generation
2. The Small Faces Tin Soldier
3. The Action I'll Keep on Holding on
4. Booker T & The MG's Green Onions
5. The Who I Can't Explain
6. The Creation Makin' Time
7. The High Numbers Zoot Suit
8. Dobie Gray The In Crowd
9. The Small Faces Whatcha Gonna Do About It
10. The Who The Kids are Alright
11. The Creation Biff, Bang, Pow
12. The Jam This Is The Modern World
13. The Who Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
14. The Spencer Davis Group Keep on Running
15. Secret Affair Glory Boys
16. The Lambrettas D-a-a-a-nce
17. Squire Walking Down Kings Rd
18. The Kingsmen Louie Louie
19. The Yardbirds For Your Love
20. Hipster Image Make Her Mine
21. The Jam Going Underground
22. The Who Substitute
23. The Beatles Got to Get You Into My Life
24. The Jam In The Crowd
25. Secret Affair Time For Action

Band/Artist most voted for Top 10
1. The Who
2. The Small Faces
3. The Jam
4. The Creation
5. The Beatles
6. The Action
7. Booker T & The MG's
8. Secret Affair
9. The Yardbirds
10. Dobie Gray

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[Published 14 January 2000]
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Seandec 8 2014 3:20PM
I have been collecting 60's MOD tunes for years..here are my top 25 instrumentals. I have other top lists as well and will post..hoping that someone will give me some tunes in reply to this

1. Green Onions- Booker T and ther MGs
2. The Wig-Lorenzo Holden
3. The Champion, Pt. 1-Willie Mitchell
4. Shimmy Shimmy Walk-The Megatons
5. Bert's Apple Crumble-The Quik
6. Trampoline-The Spencer Davis Group
7. Grow Your Own-Small Faces
8. Hot Cakes-Dave "Baby" Cortez
9. Wade in the water-Ramsey Lewis
10. Cigarettes and Ashes-Jimmy Conwell
11. You Cant Sit Down-Phil Upchurch Combo
12. The Skip-Goldie and the Gingerbreads
13. Waltz for Lumbumba-The Spencer Davis Group
14. Bottled-Ivan Meads
15. Scotch on the Socks-The Shadows
16. Night Prowl-Del-Rays
17. Soul Sauce-Timebox
18. Almost Grown/Hey Girl-Small Faces
19. Junk-The Roulettes
20. Double O Soul-Edwin Starr
21. Twine Time-Alvin Cash and the Crawlers
22. Sliced Tomatoes-Just brothers
23. Green Onions-Georgie Fame
24. So Far Away-Hank Jacobs
25. In the Midnight Hour-Little Mack and the Boss Sounds
Richard Pearsonjul 25 2014 12:21PM
That should read Frankie Valli. Autocorrect!
Richard Pearsonjul 25 2014 12:17PM
The problem is that 'mod' means different things to different people I was too young to be an Original Modernist but became a high street Mod in the mid-60's, then went on to do my own thing fashion-wise, much in the spirit of the OM's. We wouldn't have listened to a lot of that list, even forgetting the stuff yet to be released. Most of the records from my era look like the choices of a 2nd or 3rd generation Mod, who's gained their info about what we played, by reading a Paolo Hewitt book, rather than asking somebody who was actually there.

We danced to very little of what later became labelled Northern Soul and what little found its way onto our dancefloors, didn't do so til the very late 60s/early 70s. The Northern Soul crowd were a distinctly separate tribe from the original Mods, who lasted in the provinces til the very early 70s. When the revivalists came along in the later 70s, they were the ones who embraced Northern Soul. You were much more likely to hear Miles Davis being played on a first generation Mod dance floor, than you were Frankie Gallo.
ModFather9701aug 11 2013 9:16PM
Can anyone give me some tracks and/or artists that are 60's mod?
Desnov 6 2012 2:14AM
What a load of, Mod has nothing to do with Modernism. The word Mod came from Modern Jazz as opposite to Trad, traditional Jazz. As such listening to sixties mod tunes is fine, as you don't need to be modern.
ERNA23Berrydec 22 2011 8:31AM
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tobymaj 3 2010 12:40AM
it doesnt matter where mod started it is about where it is now because being a mod means being part of something greatly original so get out and make something new although i love these songs alot
richiemar 27 2010 8:48AM
i wish people would stop putting the beatles down as mod, what a load of shit, crap hair,crap music and the only one in the band that had any idea of what the young wanted was george r.i.p
pauljul 22 2009 4:49PM
mod music without john lee hooker,mongo santamaria,sugar pie desanto etc!!!
i dispair!!!
Peewackermar 23 2009 7:01PM
To be a "Mod" is a contradiction in itself. A true Mod is but a "Modernist" who does "modern" music. So listening to sixties classic Mod stuff is great, but is not in the true spirit of Modernism. As stated earlier here, being a Mod is a state of mind and an atittude. More Northern Soul would be nice on the list though!! I can't change by Lorraine Chandler a persona favourite. Some Ocean Colour Scene stuff that they have done post brit pop is as mod as it comes and really good, as is Steve Cradock's new solo album. A find the music of Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) very soul orientated and would class there stuff as pretty Mod.
Jigs Caseyaug 3 2007 2:31PM
Mother Earth? Brian Augers Oblivion Express? Sniff sniff, I think I smell shit.
martin kristofaug 3 2007 1:40PM
this could be the mod charts of a 16 year old mod who is in the movement for 6 month! sorry totally uncool says coolcat from vienna
elrymaj 2 2005 6:41PM
verry uncool top 25
Patrick Kilmartinmaj 5 2001 10:22PM
In no order some of the Northern Tunes that loads of Mods must have danced to over the years

1.'A little Togetherness' - The Younghearts
2.'Turnin' my heartbeat up' - The MVP's
3.'You've been gone too long' - Ann sexton
4.'Fortune Teller' - Benny Spellman
5.'Shoes' - Bobby Bland.
I'm not being obscure either.None of them are seriously rare or hard to get.I agree that there are too many 60's(or neo-60's) bamds there.As much as I LOVE the SF'S and The Who, a large proportion of any Mod or Skin's music is drawn from Soul/Northern Soul/Ska and I totally agree that to be Mod is not about bikes(no matter how much I love them too!) and a 60's template.
A real Mod(ern) these day is that same breed of sharp, clothes obsessed, black music loving, anti-authoritarian fucker as those in '63 except that we have all the 60's stuff AND drum n' bass, modern Soul and new (modern) stuff too.I agree with Greg although I certainly maintain certain core Mod aesthetics - bike,sharp gear etc, it's no platitude to say that Mod is simply a state of mind - young sharp looking cunts giving cheek to the man and hating blandness.So lets embrace Mod as continuing lifestyle(a lived lifestyle)that began 30+ years ago and is still going.Look no further that Paul Weller - the Style Council were slated and what was he doing - trying to be in a band that updated the Mod template for 80's kids.Attitude,sharp clothes,a non-provincial outlook and above all - white guitar AND black music.
End of Rant
Keep the faith.
Patrick kilmartinmaj 5 2001 10:06PM
Why so little Northern Soul?
Greg Boramanapr 23 2001 3:44PM
The point I want to make is that anybody now has 50 years plus of quality music to listen too - In my opinion 'Mod' started with Be-bop in 1945 and of all the great music that 'modernstic' people can feel affiliated to, most of the stuff that got voted onto that chart just doesnt cut it when up against good Jazz, soul, funk, uk R&B, folk, ska & reggae or whatever . Mod is always touted each mini-revival as an enduring style movement but when you see it put into practise so badly it makes me want to weep (or laugh).
When people check me out & ask - your a mod arent you? I usually reply something along the lines of " I love mod - its just mods I cant stand" which sounds really elitist...but there you go..Ive said it now.
I consider 'real' mod music to be what quality modernists or excellent taste listen to - but for my money it is usually black music or heavily influenced by it.Doesnt have to be from the 60's (hence my choice of Jill Scott's Lp which was soulful and very funky and even better live)My final point is that for years now the mod thing seems to have turned into the Boy Scouts where eveyone votes on things, and places the style in a jar to be preserved as it was in 1965.Im against all that. Surely mod should be underground, anti-establishment, slightly undefinable, very subtle and hard to sum up. People wearing parkas with targets, scooters with bloody mirrors and jumping up and down to punk music dont mean shit to me...Miles Davis in 1957 floats my boat far more but its all down to taste...good taste hopefully....What a RANT!
Greg Boramanapr 23 2001 2:05PM
http://blah blah
My top mod-related sounds...?Well I like then but I dont know if it's mod related
I dont think it wont be very popular with the masses.
1.Words & Sounds Vol 1 - Jill Scott
2. Closer To It - Brian Augers Oblivion Express.
3.What Colour is Love - Terry Callier.
4.Tin Soldier - The Small Faces.
5.San Francisco - Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land.
6.The People Tree - Mother Earth
7.Unity - Larry Young.
8.John Lee Hooker - Live at Newport.
9.Duffin Arounf - Jack McDuff & David Fathead Newman.
10. The Common Good - Matt Deighton - Wellers on it! Does that count?!
Nattersapr 21 2001 12:24PM
So what do you consider to be real mod music. Yes I'm not keen on Mod revival music of the late 70's. Though I do like the bands of the sixties, The Who, Yardbirds, Small Faces etc. It's questionable about the Beatles appearing there. The people who voted are probably the same age as me or in their 30's obsessed with the film Quadrophenia and don't have a great knowledge on what the mods actually listened to between 1962-1964. The Who were one of the first groups to be respected by the Mods, though I am pissed off that people always think of them as mod band, because they were a lot more than that. Who should be in this list?
Fredrikapr 19 2001 7:59PM
Greg, you ace face bastard! Whip it on ´em!!!!!! OK, then - here´s a challenge; Let´s hear mr. Boraman´s top ten modrelated sounds ever. Honestly, baby.
Gerardapr 18 2001 5:23PM
<The people who voted for all this obvious stuff must be the squarest bunch of dickheads ever.>

Greg, I think they´re called scooter boys or old farts...
Greg Boramanapr 18 2001 1:54PM
So if this list is what all you lot consider great mod music then fuck me!
The Lambrettas? Squire? FUCK THAT!

The people who voted for all this obvious stuff must be the squarest bunch of dickheads ever. A big pile of shit revival music with the odd soul/R&B tune thrown in . Rubbish.
Call your self mods?And if anyone cares to debate this with me then PLEASE email me so I can tell you what a fool you are!
Richard Karströmjan 20 2001 6:27PM
Darrin> Well, that's democracy for you, in a way. I mean, let everyone vote freely and there's always a nice tune that gets overshadowed by more 'obvious' songs. Personally, I reckon "There she goes" being a classic example of early 90's indiepop. A truly fine song.

Maybe the people who voted for other songs didn't categorize The La's as a mod band... Guess we'll never know.
Darrinjan 19 2001 11:45PM
Ok, so I just have to ask why the La's "There she goes" isn't on this list, but the Lambrettas are?
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