[Thoughts:The year that was]

2005 - reflections on the year that was

Some of the Uppers staff sum up the year. Highlights, low water marks, observations.
[Thoughts:Speaking my mind]


Alex ponders the scene as a microcosm... Read on.
[Thoughts:View from Piz Gloria]

The Future via flight, flotational device, or dancing feet

Scientists from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a "home computer" could look... and one scientist from the Uppers Organization wonders, among other things, how a "wearable computer" could look
[Thoughts:The year that was]

2004 - The good and the bad

Reflections and recollections on the year 2004.
[Thoughts:Minority Report]

This Particular Bird Is Stuffed

Toddlers and avant-garde music, Kylie vs Marilyn Manson and loads more stuff... Minority Report #1 by Robin Tomens. Illustration by Kavel Rafferty.