Mod today means many things to many people. To those of us in the Uppers organization, it amounts to a striving for the best - in fashion, in music, in life - in everything. That's what we like, that's what we write about - and that's what you'll find on this site.


The Q release debut ep

“Issues” is the debut EP from The Q, a mod revival band from Gloucestershire UK.

Spotlight on The Perceptions

A long harboured dream comes true for ex-JTQ members. Read on!

Trummor & Orgel feat Magnus Carlson - Somebody stole my thunder

Brand new, good for you! Investigate!

Die Profis: Neue Sensationen und alte Geheimnisse CD

Die Profis came from Düsseldorf and released an album back in 1982. Now it's finally available on cd. Read on.

Various Artists - The Godfather's R&B (BGP)

Mike Travis checks out the early production work of James Brown
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Absolute Beginnerism Mk2

An italian guy once said: ”quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. Well Roma Victor indeed. Uppers male fashion editor does his part to help you squander your income and then some.
[Culture:Movies, tv, radio]

High Fidelity

A truly great book, but what about the movie? Is it any good? Brian Poust has seen it...
[Culture:Computer Games]

Computer Gaming - 60s Style

If you thought 'retro' games meant Pacman and Pong, think again - having run out of future, games designers are mining to the past for inspiration. Uppers investigates 60s inspired gaming, from gangsters to the groovy.

The Gothenburg scene 2000

Some mods from Gothenburg, Sweden

What to eat in the airport

Jonathan Ogilvy takes us one step beyond modes of transport towards having destinations but safely assumes we're stuck in the terminal, looking for means of survival in that netherzone.