Mod today means many things to many people. To those of us in the Uppers organization, it amounts to a striving for the best - in fashion, in music, in life - in everything. That's what we like, that's what we write about - and that's what you'll find on this site.


The Q release debut ep

“Issues” is the debut EP from The Q, a mod revival band from Gloucestershire UK.

Spotlight on The Perceptions

A long harboured dream comes true for ex-JTQ members. Read on!

Trummor & Orgel feat Magnus Carlson - Somebody stole my thunder

Brand new, good for you! Investigate!

Die Profis: Neue Sensationen und alte Geheimnisse CD

Die Profis came from Düsseldorf and released an album back in 1982. Now it's finally available on cd. Read on.

Various Artists - The Godfather's R&B (BGP)

Mike Travis checks out the early production work of James Brown
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A couple days in London

Soultastic Nancy spent a few days in London. Over to you Nancy...

Get Smart Roma, 23 October 2004, Rome Italy

Stylish people doin' their thing in the capitol of Italy. Photos courtesy of Nancy Soultastic

The Velvelettes - The Motown Anthology (Motown/Universal 980 937-2)

A double cd with The Velvelettes, the girl group that never released an album in the 60's. Alternative lyrics, stereo mixes, live recordings... A great album according to Frank Murphy

Our Way of Thinking 3 - Smashing Time!
By Army

Snappy snapshots from Chicago by the weekends MC, Army

Bologna Soul Night 2002

Date: 25th of May. Place: Bologna, Italy. Behind the camera and on the dancefloor: Nancy Yahiro